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In 2016, Michel Breton, guide and trainer in Quebec, acquires an outfitter north of the island of Newfoundland, in the region of St. Anthony.

An area of ​​1000 km2 where he is the sole outfitter. In the last two years, 99% of hunters have had the chance to harvest a moose and 85% of them have succeeded.

Since 2016, Michel has built a dynamic team where the guide service, accommodation and service at the lodge make the hunters' stay unforgettable.

A hunt in Newfoundland all-inclusive service in american plan:

We are fully booked for 2018.

You can reserve your hunt for 2019.

Here are the dates of 2019:
Note that the first and last day of each hunt are transition days for departure and arrival.

Late hunting

In December 2017, we experienced a late hunting with 4 hunters. It was already a question of operating the outfitter at this time of the year and after a week spent on site, the results were more than conclusive. More than 40 moose were seen in 4 days and we harvested 4 males in 4 days. Beautiful specimens have been seen. Honestly, after two full falls on the territory (2016 and 2017), this is by far the week when there was the most action in so few days.

After careful thought, we made the decision to operate the outfitter in November / December from 2018.

There are obviously benefits to hunting during the rut, but there are benefits to hunting the moose later in the fall.


Hot days slow moose activity significantly. Such days in November / December in the north of Newfoundland is absolutely impossible. Cold temperatures also facilitate the handling and preservation of meat.

Males frequent feeding sites to recover sudden losses during rutting.
Similar to deer late in the season, this is where the big males come out. Those who hunt deer in December, as in Ontario or elsewhere, know very well that it is much more likely to see a big male after the rut than during the rut. It is the same for moose.

The territory is easier to access with the authorization to go using an Argo wherever you want. Indeed, if the land is not frozen, we are limited by law not to circulate in Argo or any other vehicle off the trail in order to keep the territory untouched. Except of course to get a moose out after its been harvested. But once the ground is frozen, we have the right to go wherever we want.

This is the major advantage. With snow more likely to be present in northern Newfoundland, it is an open book where no game movement escapes us. The snow obviously allows to locate the moose much more easily. Certainly, a male who answers calls is a very exciting hunt, but track a moose on the snow and catch up and come to shooting is an experience that must live in his life if it is not already done.

I hunted deer a lot. I also sometimes had moose snow in Quebec and I often track moose without snow. I hunted and guided over 5 years in Newfoundland in November / December in another outfitter further south of the province and for a week in mine in 2017. In my opinion, not only hunting on the snow is most exciting but also, hunting in these conditions greatly increases the chances of harvesting a moose. And for those who are not interested in tracking, you will see moose go out to feed because they recover a lot at this time of the year. Obviously, we can not guarantee the presence of snow at this time of the year, but if we rely on this fall, and after consulting the people who have lived in the area for a long time, according to them, there is snow at this time of the year in the vast majority of cases. Temperature plays around -5 to 5 degrees Celsius.

In a case where the hunter misses his shot or worse wounds the animal, the fact of having snow makes things easier during the search because dogs of blood are prohibited in Newfoundland. So the chances that a moose will be killed without being found, although unlikely in September / October with the experience of guides, this is almost impossible with snow. And if the hunter misses his shot, we will also see it with the total absence of blood and at the same time have the chance to catch up the animal on the snow.

With a hunt in November / December, the Quebec hunter can hunt moose in "La Belle Province" if he wishes and will have plenty of time to do so.

We are fully booked for 2018.

You can reserve your hunt for 2019.

Here are the dates of 2019:
Note that the first and last day of each hunt are transition days for departure and arrival.


This is the only disadvantage.

Harvested moose
success rate




In addition to hunting in majestic landscapes, you will have the chance to observe woodland caribou. For now, the outfitter does not have a license to hunt caribou, but a request is made and we hope that some licenses will be awarded to hunt a few trophy males.


A dynamic team is waiting for you with a very good meal: steak, ribs, fresh cod, spinning back, filet mignon, pork fillet are the kind of meal offered.

The lodge has a dining room, a bar and a lounge. Five rooms are offered to hunters and each to a private bathroom.

If necessary, a cottage that can accommodate 4 hunters is located in a remote area of the territory.

Cost of the trip

In 2018, the price, in american plan, will be $7400 CND ($5900 US) including taxes, transportation (by plane), hunting license, accommodation, meals and a guide per hunter.

You have someone special with whom you want to share your adventure. We offer you this possibility.

Non-Hunter Accompanist: 500$ CDN
Hunter Accompanist: 1000$ CDN

Charter flight

Air transportation is included in the price. White Hills Outfitters does business with an airline and the hunters will fly charter flights. The departure will be from Quebec to land about 3 hours later at the airport of St. Anthony, which is 25 minutes from my lodge.

Important note: for those who will arrive in the first week of hunting, the flight will be with Air Canada, the ticket will be included in the price and the hotel room if necessary. Transportation from Deer Lake to the Inn is also included. Once their hunting week is over, the hunters leave in chartered flight. Those who will be hunting last week, it's the same except that it's the opposite as they will arrive with a chartered flight, but leave with Air Canada.

For those who prefer not to use this service, the price of the package remains the same. The agreement with the airline is a fixed cost whether the plane carries 3 or 8 hunters. For this reason, unfortunately, we can not give any discount to those who decide to take the transport by their own means.


Nature is beautiful in Newfoundland. Whether it's the coastline, the plains, the cliffs, the forests, wherever you look, the beauty of nature will dazzle you. You will come back from this adventure full of memories and images that will make you relive your journey.

Do not forget your camera ...

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